Memory Lane Lamps: A Gorgeous Graduation Gift

Memory Lane Lamps: A Gorgeous Graduation Gift

Graduation season is coming upon us quickly. It can be challenging to come up with great gift ideas for young women and men who are graduating and about to enter the next phase of their lives. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift for the graduate in your life, look no further than Memory Lane Lamps. These unique, handcrafted lamps are sure to be cherished for years and years to come. We have a large collection of lamps, so you can be confident you’ll find a good fit for your gift recipient. Read on to learn more about the types of lamps we offer at Memory Lane Lamps.

Sports & Heroes

Surprise the sports-loving graduate in your life with a beautiful and unique sports-themed lamp. Personalized featuring their favorite sports team or hero, these lamps feature stunning colors and designs that are guaranteed to impress, and can be enjoyed and passed down for generations. For graduates who plan to go on to serve in the military, we also have Military Hero inspired lamps, featuring insignias from the US Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy. If your graduate plans to serve our country by joining the military, a lamp from this collection is a great way to honor their choice.

Tiffany Collection

A classic Tiffany lamp never goes out of style. Tiffany style lamps have been popular since the late 1800s, and for good reason. They are a strikingly beautiful and refined blend of pattern, light, and color. A handcrafted Tiffany lamp, like the ones at Memory Lane Lamps, are true works of art. And unlike a perishable floral bouquet, our lamps stand the test of time. These lamps can become an heirloom, which makes them even more special to give as a graduation gift.

Mission Collection

For the graduate who would prefer a simpler, more understated look than the Tiffany style lamps offer, we have the Mission Collection. Mission style lamps can feature favorite sports team logos, military branch insignia, professions such as a firefighter, floral patterns, and bold-clean Frank Lloyd Wright style lines. This collection will certainly add personality to any room and will remain a piece of reflection and thoughtfulness to the person who receives it. A lamp in this collection would make a great gift for any graduate.

Sculptured Bronze Collection

Lamps in our sculptured bronze collection are smaller in size than our other lamps, but make just as large of an impression. These beautiful, elegant lamps feature nature-inspired designs such as butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, leaves, and vines. There are also moons, angels, owls, cats, and dogs. There are many different styles to choose from, all aiming to give your gift recipient the peace and serenity they’d find in a secret garden.

If a Memory Lane Lamp sounds like the graduation gift you’ve been searching for, visit our online store to browse our large selection. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the lamps we carry, and if you can’t find the one you’re searching for, you can contact us and we’ll do our best to help you the next best option. We hope you consider giving one of these special pieces of art to the graduate in your life!

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