Light the Way With Mother’s Day Love

Light the Way With Mother’s Day Love

As a child, there was never a shortage of ways to please your mom on Mother’s Day. All we had to do was write a sentimental poem or place our hands into tempera paint and make a print.  It was easy to warm our mother’s hearts. As we get older, life becomes more complicated and we get distracted, running out of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Our distractions can turn to cynicism and some people view Mother’s Day as a Hallmark holiday. At Memory Lane Lamps, we disagree, believing that Mother's Day is an important tradition, reminding us of the caring women in our lives, and everything that they do. With the spirit of Mother's Day, let us give you some ideas, introducing you to our collection and featured lamps for this holiday and the special mom in your life.  

Rose Handale Lamp. With its bell-shaped design, this shade has large and small roses delicately placed around the green leaves, complementing the design.  Pay special attention to the entire page, and don’t forget our Butterfly Handale Accent Lamp. This lamp contains softer tones and elegant designs such as butterflies. Others in the same collection offer roses, dragonflies, grapevines, and birds.   

We also offer a Tiffany Lamp Collection. Our customers love our elegant soft tones. These beautifully handcrafted lamps, which have stood the test of time since the 1800s, provide a striking and refined blend of pattern, light, and color. Our Tiffany lamps feature everything from dainty butterflies to bold lines and hues of golden amber, red, green, and blue. These lamps can become a piece of your family's history as an heirloom.

If you're looking for a way straight to your mother’s heart, these are uncommon pieces of art that endure for years in our mother’s memories.

If you’re looking to surprise your mother or that special “mom” in your life with something meaningful and different, Memory Lane Lamps has exactly what you're looking for. Visit our online store to view our different models and entire inventory of beautiful lamps. Can’t find the one you’re searching for? Be sure to contact us so we can do our best to help you with the next best option. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest trends in lighting.



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