How a Tiffany Lamp is Made

How a Tiffany Lamp is Made

While the name Tiffany makes many people think of that iconic pastel blue and beautiful jewelry, people who love antiques, art, and interior design will recognize the name for a different reason: intricately designed lamps. An artist by the name of Louis Comfort Tiffany was the creator of Tiffany lamps, here’s where they got their start.

Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany actually started out his career as a painter and mentored under the artists George Inness and Samuel Colman. Because of his wealth, he was able to travel all around Europe, North America, and Northern Africa, which is where he found his love for exotic art and architecture. In the late 1870’s, he turned his focus in a different direction and started his career in decorative arts and interiors. Tiffany was commissioned to design many different interior spaces and accessories, such as chairs, lead windows, and lamps. By 1898, Tiffany had moved on from designed interior spaces to lighting and lamps, which is where he got most of his recognition as an artist. Each lampshade is completely unique due to the different shades and shapes of glass available at the time of creation.

How Are Tiffany Lamps Made?

Tiffany lamps are still made today with the same careful attention to detail Tiffany implemented when he first created them. A wooden model of each lamp shade is created first, and then a layer of linen is glued to the top. The pattern of each individual piece of glass is then traced onto the piece of fabric, with each color of glass being noted. A copy of the design is traced onto a separate sheet of paper for reference and the original is used to cut each piece of glass. The design is then built by using adhesive wax to apply the pieces of glass to the wooden frame. After the layout is completed, the glass pieces are removed and then edged with copper foil and then soldered back into place. The entire shade is then heated so that the wax is melted and allows the shade to be removed and finished by soldering the inside edges. Some designs require a metal trim before being attached to the base of the lamp.

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